Shipping Policies & Returns Policy

Shipping Policies

Our Online drugstore provides customers 2 shipping methods:

is4you247 Packaged Discreetly

Delivery Process and Packaged Discreetly will depend on what country  your package will ship out.

Usually it take 2 or 3 at USA and 7 to 10 day other countries.

If your order has not arrived within 2 or 3 day for USPS and Overnight Delivery for FedEx, you can either reply to our e-mail, submit a request on the web-site, use our Customer Service link or just call our support service and we will immediately rectify the situation.


When you select FedEx Overnight.

You will need to pay $35 USD Shipping Fee but remember that we have Free shipping via USPS.

What is the Delivery method?

We send all our order via FedEx / USPS .

What is the cost of shipping?

We charge a standard flat shipping cost $80 USD. When you place your order outside USA.

Do you provide tracking code for shipments and is it trackable?

Yes, You can track your order online at the company that you select by customer service.

How long order takes to be Delivered?

Usually it take 2 or 3 at USA and 7 to 10 day other countries.


  • Business Day Monday to Friday.
  • Before purchase, you should have that clear in your mind!
  • When you place your order on Weekend, your order will ship out on Monday.
  • When you place your order outside USA, your shipping process will be more slowly.

Where is the medication shipped from?

We ship from USAUSA. 

All our medications are manufactured are certified  and meet or exceed the highest US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

How will the package arrive?

All package are ship out anonymous and we have a 100% Packaged Discreetly.

What are destinations Rx pharmacy will not provide delivery guarantee?

We don’t guarantee a 100% shipping to Canada , Australia , Ireland and Germany .

Do you provide a delivery guarantee ?

Yes, at USA.

Do you have next day delivery?

Yes, at USA.

Refund and Returns

Before any refund or return:

  • Customer need to wait 2 or 4.
  • Client is responsible to receive their order.

If client do not receive it for any of these reasons:

She/He was not in home, she/he did not want to sign for it, she/he did not go to the post office to get it ( after did not receive it in his/her home ).

Our Company will consider your order delivered